Better Hearing Means Better Living

Hearing loss has been reported to be the 3rd most common health related problem in America today

However, out of 28 million Americans who have a significant hearing loss, only 5 million of them wear hearing aids.  Hearing is an important sense that affects so many aspects of one’s life.  Hearing loss can lead to other problems such as anxiety, depression, and isolation if left untreated.  Hearing loss can cause an individual to withdraw from family gatherings and social situations.  It is important to get a hearing test if you or someone you know has difficulty hearing.

A comprehensive audiological evaluation takes about 30 minutes.  Several tests will be performed that check the functioning of the different parts of the hearing system. The information obtained will tell an audiologist, a licensed hearing healthcare professional, the degree of hearing loss, type of hearing loss,and if hearing aids are appropriate.

The advances in today’s hearing aid technology have made it possible to help patients with hearing loss that otherwise could not be helped in the past.  Hearing aids are now comfortable, easy to use,and self-adjusting. Most importantly, the use of hearing aids greatly improves one’s ability to hear and understand speech, especially in adverse listening situations such as a noisy restaurant.