The Benefits

The website is a new system of health and wellness information that educates patients and encourages a hands-on, proactive approach to managing every aspect of physical well being. At your personalized health-related resources come together. Interact with physicians, wellness experts – even other patients – and maximize your health management goals with easy-to-use information. From healthy habits and disease prevention to advice from doctors in the know, offers a personalized way to maximize care and stay connected between visits.

The eHealth Network is a direct-to-patient private media broadcast. One that presents original health and medical information, as well as, entertainment content in physician & hospital waiting and exam rooms. After office hours the network can also be used to educate doctors, nurses and staff utilizing sponsored professional development programming. In today’s hyper-stimulating, media-rich environment, if the message isn’t entertaining, and the content isn’t relevant, the audience will simply tune out. eHealth’s content producers understand the need to mix entertainment with relevant brand engagement in the new digital medium. Consider the tremendous benefits of a relevant and perfectly timed message being delivered to an engaged patient or caregiver at the point-of-prescription or point-of-purchase.